The Tail of the Dragon

nature11513 1107Have you ever heard of the Tail of the Dragon? No, that’s not a pretext to a medieval epic, the Tail of the Dragon is one of the most famous roads among motorcyclists and driving tour enthusiasts, but its fame beyond that is a bit more obscured. In this article, we want to tell you more about this “famous quasi-secret” and why you should visit.

The Tail of the Dragon is notable for being an 11 mile stretch of road surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and Cherokee National Park that has an astounding 318 turns. It can be a wild ride (and you definitely should not try it if you’re not a responsible driver), but it’s hard to forget it once you try it. There are some stops and shops on The Dragon as well. The road and surrounding area has also attracted occasional interest from Hollywood and other media outlets as several movies and TV shows have been filmed here.

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